DBN Are The Video Production Company That You Have Been Searching For

DBN Production is a UAE based media production company offering tailored solutions to growing your brand or documenting your special event. Videos are a cornerstone of any good marketing campaign. They can communicate a brand’s identity, whether it is on TV or the Internet, and at DBN production we understand how video can make your brand stand out from the others. Our video agency in the UAE offers a wide range of services, from coming up with the initial concept of bringing that vision to life. Our production professionals will work for hand in hand with you, to ensure that the end product is both artistic and innovative to really make an impression.

We are creative professionals with a background in TV, film, and photography that use modern technologies and innovative design concepts to engage audiences and create groundbreaking media productions. DBN Production mixes the latest trends in media such as a 360-degree film with traditional photographic and videography production methods to ensure that your brand reaches the widest audience, and conveys what you and your company are all about. Our in-house team specializes in covering live events, fashion shows, styling, commercial advertising and food and beverage photography. We like to build long-term relationships with our clients, offering cutting-edge creative solutions to increase brand awareness and revenue. Whether it is a corporate event, a music or fashion show or to advertise the latest hip restaurant or venue in Dubai, DBN has you covered.

Our vision is to be innovators in media content creation within the UAE and further afield.


DBN Production works with all forms of media including digital video, photography and 360 degree video. We believe that you can use media to get your brand or company message across in a cost-effective yet creative way. We don’t do dull and we specialize in creating high-end productions for corporate, fashion and music events. We combine high production values with moderate prices, with a start to finish service. If you need to film your event, then you have come to the right place. We have a real passion for innovation and making sure that your brand stands out from the crowd. DBN Production also has in-house photographers who can make your food and beverage shoot come alive. Whether you want shots for a magazine, or to advertise a restaurant, speak to our team to get glossy, professional images that will make your mouth water. We are the go-to media agency in Dubai to make ads and film events, from the first brief, through scripting, filming, and post-production, we have it covered.


DBN Production is a UAE commercial production agency working for many prestigious clients across the Emirates. We are experts in our field, who have teamed up to combine our knowledge to come up with the best solutions to make your brand grow. We believe that a great company is only as good as its staff. DBN is proud to have some of the most creative and experienced people in the industry in our team. If you pick DBN Production, you are choosing a team who jumps into every project with enthusiasm, to make sure that you get the best result. We are made up of talent from every area of media production, from writing, animation, and production to directing. Our team shares a common goal of creating videos and images that stand out. Collectively we have years of experience and are effective and adaptable. Whatever the size of the project, we get passionate about it and embrace any
challenge. DBN Production likes to push boundaries, and create engaging, fresh content that is guaranteed to elevate your product or event to the next level.



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